"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."

  Ralph Waldo Emmerson


We are made of happiness

Happiness has become a popular topic for researchers and writers. Happiness in the workplace increases productivity, employee retention, customer service, and profitability. The country of Bhutan wants to measure their wealth in terms of “gross domestic happiness.” Harvard Business Review featured four stories on happiness in a recent issue.1 Writers spend many pages defining happiness, but it is really not that complicated. We all know it when we see it.

Our experience has been that we play hide and seek with happiness. Sometimes it’s there; sometimes it eludes us. The truth is, there is an ocean of happiness at the basis of like.
We are made of happiness. Physicists tell us that the unified field at the basis of life is in fact consciousness. It knows itself. It expresses itself as everything—every changed value of life. It expresses itself as the atom, as the ant, as the thunderstorm, as our body.

This field of pure potentiality is described by the ancient seers as having three qualities: sat, chit, ananda: Non- changing, consciousness, that is by nature bliss. The basis of life is pure bliss. Our essential nature is pure happiness. The leading thinkers of the day tell us that the body is an expression of consciousness. If our body is made of consciousness, it means our body is made of happiness. That must be why researchers find that the happier we are, the healthier we become.

“Expansion of happiness is the purpose of life.”2 Happiness is life’s purpose because everything is an expression of happiness. The manifestation of creation is the expression of the singularity of happiness becoming many. All of evolution occurs to allow happiness to expand. Expanding happiness means life is becoming more full of its own content. The truth is, there is an ocean of happiness at the basis of life. It exists inside of us, and yet most of us struggle to be happy. Why?

The struggle to be happy comes about because we haven’t had way to consciously connect with that silent transcendental level that is pure happiness. Those of us who are very lucky stumble upon a meditation technique that enables us to dive into the ocean of happiness that exists within. When we settle down in meditation to that most quiet restfully alert state, we realize that unbounded state is who we really are. “That I am. Thou art That. All this is That.”3 Our experience coming to activity from that silent field of happiness is that we find joy and satisfaction increasingly infused into everything we do. Some of us have the good fortune to learn an additional technique to activate that silent field of happiness within, to stir that field of pure joy at the basis of the evolution of everything. These techniques make our personal growth unrestricted. Happiness, which by its very nature is progressive, overtakes us. We become, “weak in wrong and powerful in right.”4 Our life flows in waves of happiness and we radiate that influence all around us, near and far.

Our conclusion: Rather than pursuing merely fleeting waves of happiness, give priority to watering the root of happiness. Stabilize our conscious connection with that field of pure joy at the basis of the evolution of everything.


Quotes from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi on Happiness